how to make money as an adult affiliate ( WPCASHTUBE ) [2019]

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how to make money as an adult affiliate ( WPCASHTUBE ) [2019]

is it possible to make money as an adult affiliate in 2019?

yes and it’s really really simple, get a sub-niche and stick to it.simple as that. it does take time if you don’t have the right seo plan and don’t have good quality backlinks. anyhow slowly but surely your traffic will grow more and more and you need to take care of it like it’s your baby.

it needs your attention. every single person that visits your link is money waiting to be transferred to your accounts if you just put the right titles and use the correct content to be displayed. so let’s jump into it:

3 methods to make money as an adult affiliate

1.start your own porn tube site

that’s right! when it comes to internet porn is the king and everyone knows it, take a look at this article here about porn.

it explains a lot about how porn is fucking everywhere and a bunch of other stuff that is not that interesting, to be honest, all we care is that porn sells fast…

for example, a porn tube website that has started about 6 months ago as I am writing this now has an average of 30,000 visitors per month and is currently making 96 – 330$ Per Month. EASY.

wordpress porn demo sceenshot visitors

it’s really easy to start your own porn website using WordPress and wpcashtubes porn package, takes less than 30 minutes and you have a porn tube site like xvideos! and the good part is that you don’t even need a server to keep the videos they are all uploaded on xvideos you are just displaying them on your own website and generating ad revenue. sounds cool?

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2. The Watermark Method

  • Download Porn videos which are shot on a webcam, have no watermark and are in good quality
  • Buy an Adult friendly Hostgator hosting with free domain name
  • Convert the videos after adding branding of your domain name
  • Upload the converted porn Videos on popular Adult tube websites
  • Make Money

take a look at this example :

xvideos channel screenshot

as you can see this channel is less than a month old with 12 Videos with almost 250,000 VIEWS.

on all of those videos, there is an image watermark that says:

the more people watch those videos the more visitors for and that means more money for the owner.

if you would like to know more about that leave a comment below, I will answer them all, that’s a promise.


now with all that said about porn and how easy it sells what would you think happens if you offer someone a way that they can have several passive income streams just running some semi-autopilot porn websites well you just make a simple blog post or post something on Reddit, make a discussion and send people to our website and start making an extra income of 15% of all the sales you make for life! in bitcoins.

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now if you have any questions or something remember you can always leave a comment or just chat with me straight away i’m online about 60% of the day :D.


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    i noticed the videos are less than a month old.
    how many people opened your link in one month?


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