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How do I join the WP CASH TUBE Affiliate Program?
If your site meets the Basic Guidelines for Approval, joining Our Affiliate Program is easy, justĀ Click Here to Apply

What is your commission rate?
We are offering a minimum 15% commission on all sales.

When and how do I get paid?
You earn a minimum 15% commission on all sales and will be paid in BITCOIN on a weekly basis when total earned commissions are greater than $25. If total weekly commissions are less than $25, your commissions are carried over until the following week.

How do I get your affiliate links?
Affiliate links can be obtained in the Affiliate Dashboard Page.

Can I link to your site from more than one site?
you may place links on any site including social media.

How do I update my Bitcoin Wallet Address?
Your contact information may be maintained within theAffiliate Dashboard > Setting.

Do you set a cookie so I can get credit if someone comes back?
We set a 30 day cookie to ensure that your referrals are properly credited.